Our CBD Formats and How They’re Different

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Every Sunsoil CBD Oil product is farmed organically, extracted naturally, and made with just a few simple ingredients. However, our formats vary and can be used differently. While the primary ingredient in each product is the same organic CBD oil, our products are available in  capsule, softgel, liquid drops, and CBD Coconut Oil formats. When selecting a Sunsoil product, an important thing to consider is what fits best with your lifestyle and routine, as each format has its own unique properties.

Organic CBD Oil Drops

Our CBD oil drops are made using USDA organic certified hemp, organic MCT oil, and natural flavors such as cinnamon or peppermint oil. These full spectrum hemp CBD oil drops are recommended for sublingual use (under the tongue). To take liquid CBD oil sublingually, squeeze a dropper of oil under your tongue, hold it there for about a minute, then swallow what remains. Our droppers have metered markings, so you can get a precise, custom serving size and keep track of exactly how much CBD you’re taking.

Aside from taking sublingually, there are other ways to take use CBD oil drops. We hear from customers that add our CBD oil drops to their morning tea, coffee or smoothies, as some of our flavors work well with these beverages. Our Unflavored CBD Oil, with just two ingredients, provides increased adaptability for customers and is pet friendly.

Sunsoil offers full spectrum, whole plant CBD oil drops in several different flavors, and two different strengths. Our Chocolate Mint, Citrus and Unflavored oils contain 600 mg of CBD per 2 oz bottle, which works out to 10 mg per 1 ml serving. Our Cinnamon oil contains 1200 mg of CBD per 12 oz bottle, or 20 mg per 1 ml serving.  

CBD Softgels & Capsules

Our softgels and capsules contain the same whole plant, naturally extracted CBD as our liquid oil drops, but are packaged in a convenient pill format. Our softgels and capsules make it easy to incorporate CBD into your daily routine and are in a format that’s easy to transport.

All Sunsoil CBD Oil products are extracted using a whole-plant infusion method.  Ingesting CBD with a lipid has been shown to improve bioavailability, ensuring you will get the full serving of CBD when ingesting our CBD oil in a softgel or capsule. This is because lipids create a protective barrier around the cannabinoids, preventing them from getting broken down in your digestive system and helping them to make it into your bloodstream.

Sunsoil offers softgels and vegan-friendly capsules in a 20 mg format.

Organic CBD Coconut Oil

This versatile product contains only two ingredients: USDA certified organic hemp and organic coconut oil. Because we use a base of pure organic semi-solid coconut oil, this product is solid when stored below 74°F and liquid at higher temperatures. Our CBD Coconut Oil can be taken sublingually or added to food, added to beverages or blended into smoothies, and it is our most convenient product to use topically. CBD Coconut Oil is also animal-friendly and can be given to pets on a treat, in their food or topically.

Each jar of CBD Coconut Oil comes with a 1 ml measuring spoon, so you know exactly how much CBD you're getting. One 1 ml spoonful of this CBD oil contains 20 mg of CBD.

Finding the Right Product for You

When selecting a CBD product from Sunsoil, it’s helpful to decide how you intend to use it. To experiment with different flavors and serving sizes, our line of whole plant CBD oil drops are a great option. Our softgels and capsules are a convenient format for customers looking to take CBD on the go or for customers that are looking for less ‘taste’/flavor Our CBD Coconut Oil can be for topical and edible use.

Whatever option works best for you, the same exceptional quality and care go into every Sunsoil product. We make everything with USDA certified organic hemp that we grow on our farms in Vermont, we extract naturally, and we process minimally with a small number of simple, high quality ingredients.

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