CBD Made Simple
Full spectrum hemp extract made with organically farmed ingredients.
Made in Vermont "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci


  • We produce high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil, and we do it with transparency and quality at every step from seed to shelf. From organically cultivating healthy hemp plants on our Vermont farm, to processing CBD oil naturally using only coconut oil, we believe in transparency, efficiency and ethical pricing.
600mg of CBD
1200mg of CBD
600mg of CBD in organic coconut oil
20mg of CBD per softgel
20mg of CBD per capsule

Committed to Quality

Our CBD oil is extracted from the hemp we grow using organic coconut oil. This process is known as lipid extraction. We send this oil to a third party lab to be tested. After adjusting the concentration we send the oil back to get tested again.  Once the concentration and quality have been confirmed our pharmaceutical grade robots and equipment fill products to an exact volume.

Our founders, our farms, our mission.

CBD Made with
Simple Ingredients

We extract CBD from USDA certified organic hemp using organic coconut oil. The result is a whole-plant product with fewer ingredients.

How We Harvest Our Hemp in Vermont

From seed to shelf, we put care and thought into every step of our process, including how we harvest organic hemp for CBD. Here’s why we choose to harvest hemp the way we do.

Lipid Infusion for CBD: Why We Do It

Lipid infusion enables us to make high-quality, whole-plant hemp extract that is minimally processed and efficient – two qualities that help feed the core of Sunsoil’s mission.

Why We Farm in Vermont

With its beautiful land, agricultural community, rich soil and pure water, Vermont is one of the best places in the country to organically farm hemp.


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