Our Farm


Located in the rolling hills of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, we chose to farm in Hardwick because the soil here is rich with nutrients, the water is pure and the people have generations of experience working the land. Cold weather and a short growing season make it challenging for plants to thrive here but breeding in such an environment means the hemp plants we end up with are as tough as nails. More importantly, our plants are rich in cannabinoids, have a wide spectrum of terpenes, and are compliant with all State and Federal laws.

Arriving in Hardwick in January of 2016, there was little time to prepare the land and produce seeds for the growing season. Winters in this part of Vermont are long, cold and the snow doesn't melt until late in the Spring - but this year was different. The warm weather made for a forgettable ski season, but allowed us to finish building our greenhouse ahead of schedule and to start working our soil as early as possible.

Our first batch of oil was made using the same plants that we flowered for our seed crop that winter. As soon as we had produced our first capsules, people began reaching out to us to try our capsules. Our company has come a long way so far, and a large part of this is due to the support and the grassroots spreading of awareness about our product and about CBD in general. There is still far to go, but we are honored to be among the leaders of Vermont's new hemp economy - one which has potential to create countless new jobs for the state.