From Seed to Shelf

We put care and thought into every step of our process. We breed our seeds, harvest by hand and extract CBD from hemp using coconut oil, allowing us to optimize quality and efficiency. At harvest time, we rely on our local farming community to get our mature hemp plants harvested and dried as efficiently as possible. Click on icons below to learn more about each step of our process.

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Step 1: Breeding Seeds

We breed hemp seeds to produce high yields in northern Vermont, where the soil is rich, and the weather is unpredictable. We breed our own seeds rather than cloning because plants grown from seeds are hardier and produce a greater yield. We breed in HEPA filtered garden rooms to control cross pollination and ensure consistent genetics.

Step 2: Organic Farming

We have been farming using organic practices since day one, and our hemp crops and processing facilities are USDA certified organic. “Organic” on our farms means no pesticides or herbicides, no GMOs, no chemical fertilizers, soil-building through crop rotation, traceability from seed to shelf and soil nutrients derived from organic inputs.

Step 3: Harvesting

After just 100 days in the soil, our hemp plants are ready for harvest. We harvest by hand instead of using a combine harvester to ensure plants are mature and at their peak ripeness. Timing is important, as a large percentage of CBD is created in the last weeks of a plant’s maturation.

Step 4: Drying

We dry our hemp in new barns using untreated wood. Drying hemp in barns that previously housed livestock or other animals can affect the quality of hemp. We build all-new drying facilities every time we expand our operation, with no paint and on fresh concrete slabs. Our newest drying facility provides 20,000 feet of drying space along with large exhaust fans to create constant air flow.

Step 5: Testing

Sunsoil uses third-party ISO-accredited (Independent Standards Organization) labs to test our raw materials for purity and potency. We test with three different labs to ensure consistency in results. Our tests ensure that our products meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards set for contaminants, heavy metals and mycotoxins in dietary supplements. Our lab tests confirm that what’s in the bottle is what’s supposed to be, and that unwanted impurities stay out.

Step 6: Processing

After weighing numerous extraction options, our founders discovered that lipid infusion offered the best end product. Lipid infusion is a natural extraction process that leverages organic coconut oil, heat and pressure. Our organic hemp is placed in large pressure cookers with either organic coconut oil or organic MCT oil, to infuse CBD into the oil.

Step 7: Pressing

Once we’ve infused the full range of phytocompounds from our hemp plants into the oil, we strain the mixture using a large press to ensure no oil is wasted. The process is simple and efficient, allowing us to pass on significant cost savings to our consumers. It results in a high-quality full spectrum, organic CBD oil. Sunsoil has never used CO2, alcohol or harsh solvents to process our hemp.

Step 8: Testing

We test our products before, during and after processing, to confirm the level of THC is below 0.3%, the federal limit, and that the potency is what’s stated on the label. Our lab tests are easily found through a QR code on our bottles or by simply searching Sunsoil’s website by product and or batch code (found to the right of the UPC).

Step 9: Manufacturing

Sunsoil is proud to manufacture in cGMP compliant and FDA registered facilities. Our primary manufacturing facilities are also required to maintain USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certification.

See our Process in Action

Sunsoil produces CBD more efficiently than anyone else in the country. Setting the standard in the hemp economy, Sunsoil’s simple processing methods yield a premium CBD oil, while keeping costs down.

Vermont is one of the best places in the country to organically farm hemp.

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