Vegan Capsules, 90 Count, 20mg Organic CBD Capsules 1800 mg Total CBD

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Why We Like It

Vegan-friendly alternative to softgels. Slightly larger in size, but free of animal by-products.


Capsules were Sunsoil’s first product and created with our customers in mind. Most of our customers rely on CBD every day, often multiple times a day, so we created a vegan and flavorless capsule available to take at any time. Capsules make it easy to take a consistent serving size of CBD. Each capsule contains 20 mg of CBD.

Low and Slow

Many of us experience the benefits of capsules as more subtle and long-lasting than CBD drops. Drops, in contrast, tend to be faster-acting. If you've never tried CBD before, we'd encourage you to try both capsules and drops and see what works best for you.

Our capsules are free of animal by-products. They are slightly larger in size—something to be aware of, if you have difficult swallowing—but contain the same CBD oil as our softgels.


  • 1. Organic full-spectrum hemp extract
  • 2. Organic coconut oil
  • 3. Vegetarian capsules
Lab Tested

How to Take Softgels or Capsules

  • Take desired serving - each capsule contains 20mg of CBD
  • Swallow with a sip of water
  • Take before a meal (optional)

Third-Party Lab Tested

We test each new batch of product at three independent, ISO‑accredited labs.

We verify that the amount of CBD that we state on our labels is accurate. And we ensure that our products are free of contaminants and impurities.

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