Our Founders 


 After growing up in the same community in southern NY, where their families still live today, Alejandro and Jacob reunited to farm hemp and produce CBD products from Northern Vermont. This was a natural fit as the two of them each had spent their adult lives in Vermont, shared a passion for the hemp plant, and bring with them a wide range of unique skills.     

After spending a year as Chief Agricultural Officer at one of the largest CBD producing hemp farms in the United States, Alejandro Bergad decided to bring his vast knowledge of farming to the northeast. An instrument rated pilot, Mr. Bergad's attention to detail carries through in all that he does; as a farmer, as an  entrepreneur, a pilot and as an avid fly fisher. 

Mr. Bergad has an unrivaled understanding of efficient, high yield farming techniques derived from years of homesteading in northern Vermont. His passion for getting things done efficiently has led him to develop organic farming methods that provide a distinct advantage to our farm. We produce more CBD per acre, more efficiently, than anyone else in the country. 

Prior to Sunsoil, Jacob built an environmentally friendly painting and cleaning company in Burlington, VT. This business was started while in school at the University of Vermont, and he spent several years after graduation operating the company before it was time for a new adventure. He brings years of experience in brand development and customer service.