The Most Good For The Most People

Sunsoil is built upon the philosophy that no one should be restricted from accessing safe, lab-tested CBD products of the highest quality. For us, making our CBD both effective and affordable is rooted in the land we cultivate and the efficiency we have built into our operation. Our farm in Hardwick, VT is the physical realization of everything we believe in and—more specifically—embodies the vision we want to share with those that take our CBD. That vision is simple: we want to grow and produce a product that does the most good possible for the most people. The important part of this vision, however, is to acknowledge that CBD is about far more than doing good for people alone. We take a holistic, whole planet approach with every step in our process, focusing on contributing to a sustainable future for the environment that inspires us to do good work every day.

What makes us who we are and what drives us to be great is simple; it’s People, Plants, and the Planet.


Our story starts with the people who have collectively helped build Sunsoil. Every member of our staff believes in making CBD accessible to all via ethical pricing, transparent operating procedures and verifiable triple third-party lab testing. It's all a direct result of our efficient, vertically integrated seed to shelf operation, with an end goal of sharing something simple, natural, and pure for all to benefit from.

This vision for helping people started with our founders Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein. They combined their unique skill sets and a shared passion for hemp with the goal of building a company that would produce affordable and effective CBD products. Today, Sunsoil believes in doing what’s right, building community, treating people well, and setting a standard in an emerging industry.


If people are the heart of what we do here at Sunsoil, our plants are the soul. Unlike most companies operating in the CBD space, we take great pride in growing all our Vermont hemp directly from seed as opposed to cloning. The result is a rugged, hearty plant which can thrive in the sometimes-difficult climate that is characteristic of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Our 2018 hemp crop is USDA-certified organic—a clear extension of the simple methods we use to naturally process our plants for creating premium, pure and effective CBD oil.

What does organic mean on our farm? 

No pesticides


Soil building through crop rotation

Traceability from seed to shelf

Soil nutrients derived from organic inputs

    Better plants make better CBD products. Our whole-plant, lipid-extracted CBD represents the standard in quality across the CBD industry.

    The Planet

    Not only are Vermont farmers resourceful and pragmatic, but they are also increasingly focused on their environmental impact. The idea of leaving the land in better condition than you found it is more than an idea at our farm, it’s a standard operating procedure.

    Sunsoil is truly dedicated to working towards creating a better planet through our organic hemp farming practices, manufacturing operations, and overall vision. We place a great deal of focus on farming our land with intention, keeping the long-term health of the soil we grow in, the land we cultivate, and the planet we inhabit at the top of our mind. It can be seen in our organic farming methods, as well as our low-impact, natural extraction process, which doesn't utilize any harsh solvents that could potentially cause harm to the environment.

    Sunsoil is an "Earth First" company, and we'll always be that way.