At Sunsoil, we are on a mission to create affordable access to the best CBD products. Sunsoil was founded out of a desire to affect positive change through our products and our actions.  To disprove the notion that price determines quality and to pioneer a different type of approach. 


We Pioneered A Better Way - Lipid Infusion

Alejandro and Jacob set out to make the best full spectrum CBD oil possible. They weighed all the extraction options and found that lipid infusion offered the best end product.  The process had not been scaled for large production, so they pioneered their own way. It took more than three years to engineer and scale this extraction process and today, Sunsoil produces certified organic CBD oil with cGMP compliant manufacturing. Our efficient production and manufacturing processes allow for significant cost savings that we pass on directly to the consumer. We decided to make CBD more accessible rather than make it more expensive than it needs to be.


Obsessed with Quality
And Creating Accessibility

Our land, facilities and primary ingredients are all USDA certified organic.

Naturally Extracted
We scaled a whole plant extraction process called lipid infusion that uses organic coconut oil to extract CBD from hemp. 

Lab Tested
We are setting a standard for testing--every product is tested with third party independent labs.

Accessibly Priced
We found a way to make better products that cost less.