Announcing New Products and Lower Prices

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At Sunsoil, our mission is to make great CBD accessible to everyone.

That mission has become more important as the cost of everything has risen. Even prior to the onset of inflation, a monthly supply of CBD from most brands cost upwards of $100. But this year, many companies are raising prices in response to rising costs and declining demand.

A couple of months ago, we surveyed over 2,500 Sunsoil customers on a variety of topics. We were surprised to learn that 40 percent of you have cut back on your CBD use due to financial concerns.

We've been planning to reduce our prices over the next five years, but given the circumstances, we decided to take action.

We’re excited to announce sweeping changes to our product line — changes that will allow us to offer better products while passing on savings of up to 40 percent.

Our new line

You can now buy Sunsoil in three formats: capsules, tinctures, and gummies.

The newest addition to our product line is gummies, starting with Cinnamon (Berry and other new flavors are coming soon). 

We have simplified our tincture line into two concentrations: Regular (20 mg CBD/ml) and Extra Strength (40 mg CBD/ml). Each comes in three flavors: Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Unflavored.

Our softgels will now come in 30 count, 60 count, and 90 count bottles. Our vegan capsules are still available in 30 count and 90 count bottles. 

Finally, we will be discontinuing all 10mg/ml “Original Strength” Tinctures in Chocolate Mint, Citrus, and Unflavored. We will also be discontinuing our Peppermint Spray and Coconut Oil. These items will be marked down for final sale until we run out — there is no coupon code required.

Lower prices for all

The price of CBD varies widely. Even among higher-quality CBD brands, you might pay between 10-20 cents per milligram of CBD. 

Our pricing was previously standard across our product line: 5 cents per milligram of CBD.

Alongside the new additions and discontinuations to our product line, we’ve dropped the prices of our Regular Strength tinctures by 8% and our Extra Strength by 25%.

As for our softgels and vegan capsules, we’ve dropped the price of our new 60ct bottle by 8% and our 90ct bottle by 11%.

As a subscriber, you will receive a 20% savings on top of these new lower prices—which means savings of up to 40% relative to our former prices.

We are excited to offer our high-quality, organic CBD oil at these more accessible prices. On behalf of our team, we hope that lower prices allow you to experience greater benefits from CBD oil—and to share those benefits with others who may need it. 

table of new Sunsoil prices

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