Why We Farm in Vermont

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Why did we choose to farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom?


Vermont gives us nutrient-rich soil, an abundant supply of pure water and a tenacious farming community with generations of experience. With a short growing season and long, volatile winters, ensuring both our plants and our farm team are resilient is a necessity to successfully farming hemp in Vermont. 

The Land That We Farm

Our founders, Alejandro and Jacob, grew up as childhood friends in Rockland County, New York, in a community rooted in strong values such as social justice, inclusion, agriculture and volunteerism. Alejandro and Jacob share a deep connection to Vermont because of its natural beauty. It’s also a place that shares the appreciation of agriculture and sense of community with which they were raised. While hemp can grow almost anywhere, there are many advantages to farming hemp in Vermont. The soil in Vermont is nutrient-rich, and the water is pure and plentiful. The soil and water are critical elements for producing high yields of organic hemp. At Sunsoil, we grow our hemp plants from seeds we have bred (no cloning). Our unique plant genetics combined with Vermont’s soil and water make for rugged, hardy, and exceptionally high yield plants. Simply put, there’s no place in the country we would rather farm to create high quality, whole plant CBD products.

Vermont Has the Smallest Economy in the Country

By farming and building Sunsoil in Vermont, we are humbled by the opportunity to make a difference here. Every job we add – whether at our farms or in our business office – has an impact on Vermont. We’re grateful the Vermont community has helped spread our message and values across the country. We feel a responsibility to give back– it’s a commitment to helping the people of Vermont by creating good jobs in a growing company, paying livable wages, performing community outreach on a statewide scale and helping form a new agricultural economy. We are honored to be among the leaders of this new industry, with an outlook to create more jobs and increase our philanthropic efforts and strengthen Vermont’s economy.  

The Agricultural Community

Just like our hemp plants, the agricultural community in Vermont is tough, rugged and able to flourish in difficult conditions. In Vermont, smart and resourceful farming comes with the territory, as does a deep respect for the land and environment. Our hemp farms are USDA certified organic. Vermont farmers have generations of experience practicing sustainable, organic farming. With Sunsoil’s push to leave the land in better shape than we found it, there’s no community we’d rather grow in. In 2019, we hired over 200 farmers to help with our harvest season, and the people of Vermont came through.

Vermont is Our Home

With its beautiful land, agricultural community, rich soil and pure water, Vermont is one of the best places in the country to organically farm hemp. This is why Sunsoil will always farm here. We are honored to be part of such a vibrant and environmentally focused farming community, in a small, rural state where we can make a positive impact. Most importantly, these things help us create a naturally infused, whole plant CBD product of the highest quality.

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