Seed to Shelf for Quality and Efficiency

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How can better CBD oil cost less? At Sunsoil, doing everything ourselves from seed to shelf allows us to offer high-quality CBD at one of the lowest cost/mg of CBD in the country. We are obsessed with quality and controlling every step of the process ensures our stringent quality standards are never compromised. We pass on the efficiencies of our farming and extraction practices to you. From breeding our own seeds to pioneering an extraction process called lipid infusion, we are able to offer full spectrum, organically grown and processed CBD oil that is priced accessibly.

Quality Starts with the Seed

Farming hemp in Vermont requires adapting to a short growing season and an unpredictable climate. Breeding our own hemp seeds results in high yield plants that we grow on our Vermont farms. Our plants are hardy and fast-growing – after getting a head-start in our greenhouses, they can grow as high as 8 feet tall in less than 100 days in the ground.

Organic Farming: The Sunsoil Choice

We grow our own hemp plants on our USDA certified organic farms in Vermont. We farm without the use of pesticides, herbicides or GMOs because we want to create the best CBD products we can. Organic farming also increases product transparency. We can trace plants from our greenhouses to our fields, which allows us to practice rigorous testing and quality control at every step of the growing process.

Our Lipid Infusion Process

Once we’ve grown, harvested and tested our hemp plants, we begin the CBD extraction process. We pioneered and scaled a method called lipid infusion, which uses only organic coconut or MCT oil, heat, and pressure. This method preserves the naturally occurring ratios of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytocompounds in our plants. We found a better way to create high-quality CBD oil, and we extract it ourselves without the use of alcohol, CO2 or harsh solvents.

The Sunsoil Difference

Doing everything ourselves is how Sunsoil can provide high-quality CBD oil that costs less. Innovation in our farming and extraction practices allows us to price our CBD oil accessibly. We are always looking for new ways to further streamline our process, increase quality and decrease cost. Our mission is to create affordable access to the best CBD products. Our promise is to never stop trying to do it better.

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