We are proud to be a leader in an emerging industry. Through our organic farming practices, efficient production practices, testing protocol and accessible pricing, we’re helping create standards and innovate in the CBD oil industry. It’s important to us to be a part of organizations that work on shaping the future of the hemp and CBD industries.

Scholarship at Sterling College to Support Regenerative and Sustainable Farming

We’re partnering with Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, VT, to offer a scholarship for sustainable agriculture students. At our core we’re farmers, so investing in students studying regenerative and ecologically focused agriculture in Vermont was a logical choice for us. The work happening to study regenerative and sustainable agriculture at Sterling College has both local and global impact, and we’re humbled to help shape the future of the farming industry.

University of Vermont 2020 Hemp Conference, Keynote Speakers and Platinum Sponsors

On February 20, 2020, we’ll join Dr. Jay Noller in headlining the Industrial Hemp Conference in South Burlington, Vermont. Sponsored by the University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, this conference is for those growing or marketing industrial hemp. The conference will include education and information sharing opportunities on industrial hemp including current research, basic agronomic, farmer experiences with growing hemp, harvest and post-harvest considerations, legalities of growing, marketing and economics. We look forward to sharing our vertically integrated approach to farming organic hemp and marketing organic CBD oil.

New Hope Hemp Collective, Founding Member

Sunsoil was selected as a founding member of the inaugural New Hope Network Hemp Collective – an initiative of twelve hemp manufacturers committed to the future of hemp and CBD. Given the dynamic category dynamic, the twelve hemp and CBD organizations that form this collective are committed to conducting business responsibly and collaboratively. Other members of the New Hope Network Hemp Collective include CW Hemp, CV Sciences, and Evo Hemp. Each Hemp Collective participating organization will be a Natural Products Expo West Hemp Summit Underwriter.

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