Lab Tested CBD to Meet High Quality Standards

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At Sunsoil, we are on a mission to create affordable access to the best CBD products. Ensuring the consistency and quality of our products requires rigorous testing to verify their purity and potency.

Why We Test at Multiple Points Throughout our Process

We stand behind the high quality of every Sunsoil CBD product because we do thorough and transparent testing. These lab tests reveal crucial information including the levels of CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in our products. They also ensure that our products meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards set for contaminants (such as heavy metals and mycotoxins) in dietary supplements. Our lab tests confirm that what’s in the bottle is what’s supposed to be, and that unwanted impurities stay out.

Testing Starts on Our Farm

Before our hemp seeds are planted, we test the soil in our fields for nutrient content and the presence of heavy metals. Our farm is USDA certified organic, but it’s important that we take the extra steps to validate that through testing.

Our Raw Material is Tested

The next round of testing occurs after harvesting and drying. During this round, we send our raw, dried, organic hemp to three ISO-accredited labs to test the dry material for purity and potency. Our hemp plants have been grown without the use of any chemicals and dried in hemp drying barns under carefully monitored conditions to ensure maximum quality. Our tests confirm this by proving our plants haven't been contaminated with pesticides or other impurities. These tests also confirm the amount of cannabinoids in the raw material. We test this material before it gets extracted and then again at multiple points after extraction.

We Test After Extraction

Another round of testing takes place after lipid extraction, which uses only heat, pressure, and organic coconut oil to extract the dried hemp plants’ full spectrum of compounds. This round of testing ensures that the complete ratio of compounds from the hemp plant has been preserved in our whole-plant extract. This extract will be the base of our CBD products.

Tests After Blending

After our CBD extract has been created through lipid infusion, our blending process begins. We blend the CBD extract with either organic coconut or MCT oils to create our finished products. Testing at this step confirms that the level of CBD is consistent with what’s on the label, and the level of THC in our products remains under the federally mandated amount.

Testing Validates Our Commitment to Quality

Many of our products go on to be flavored or encapsulated into softgels or capsules. After this final phase is complete, we test again. Although our extraction method and organic farming standards ensure no chemical solvents or pesticides ever touch our hemp or CBD extracts, these tests prove it. They also verify that our products haven't been contaminated by mold, bacteria, or other contaminants, while revealing the exact composition of each batch with great accuracy.

Why We Use Third Parties to Test

Our tests are carried out by high-level technicians at independent, third-party labs who are trained to meet exacting standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standards set by ISO are designed to guarantee safety, quality, consistency, and efficacy in a wide range of industries, from agriculture to food safety to healthcare. We work only with ISO-accredited labs for analysis of our products to ensure accurate and trustworthy results.

Not all labs are created equal. ISO-accredited labs meet the highest standards of analysis and calibration. This is a crucial aspect of making sure what you’re putting in your body is what it purports to be on the label.

Transparent Results Posted on Our Website

Transparency and traceability are two important values to Sunsoil, so we make it easy for customers to check for themselves what our products contain.

Each bottle of Sunsoil CBD has a QR code on its label that you can scan before or after purchase to access the test results on our website. When you scan the code, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select the batch or bottle lot number of the product you’re holding. Clicking on the batch or bottle lot number will reveal a lab report for that product. If you are purchasing through our website, each product has a link to the verified tests for that batch, so you can see that what you’re buying is what we say it is.

The online test results include:

  • The batch and bottle number for the specific product
  • The date it was manufactured
  • Its best-by date to ensure freshness

The reports also contain important information such as the precise level of CBD in the product and amounts of other compounds and cannabinoids. You will also find specific information about the lab that did the testing.

Our values of quality and access are based on transparency, accountability, and traceability. We test so that we can prove to you that our products contain what we say they do — nothing more and nothing less. We want to share the benefits of whole-plant hemp extract in a way that inspires confidence. Testing at multiple steps along the way is how we do it.

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