5 Common Mistakes People Make with CBD

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CBD oil has been touted as a solution to many problems. You’ve probably seen it as an ingredient in a number of products: from lattes to dog treats.

So is the hype real? The short answer is: it depends.

For many people, CBD oil can provide relief for aches, pains, sleep issues, stress and more. But it hinges on the quality of the product—and how you use it.

Here are some of the common missteps we see, and how to avoid them.

In #5 we tell you the secret to choosing the best, most effective CBD. 

Giving up too soon.

We’ve been conditioned to expect immediate results from supplements and medicine.

While some people feel the effects of CBD the first time that they take it, for many it can take a few days or even weeks for the benefits to become noticeable. The process is gradual. Stick with it. 

Early studies have found that the effects of CBD build up with regular, consistent usage. If you’re new to CBD, it’s important to set your expectations accordingly. We recommend sticking with a daily regimen for at least 2 weeks.  

Not taking enough CBD.

Unfortunately, many products and brands obscure the amount of CBD that’s in each individual serving—often by emphasizing the total milligrams of CBD in the bottle, or by displaying the milligrams of total hemp extract or total cannabinoids (of which only part is CBD). 

We have found from surveys that 20mg of CBD in a single serving is the “happy medium” for most people (roughly 60% of our customers).

Some find that larger servings are helpful—in particular for sleep issues. Others find multiple servings per day are helpful to stave off persistent aches.

A good place to start is with one 20mg serving in the morning and one at night. You can increase or decrease your frequency or serving size as needed.

Taking the CBD incorrectly.

Only a percentage of the CBD that you consume is absorbed into your body. Therefore, taking steps to maximize the absorption of your CBD oil can make a big difference. 

When it comes to CBD drops (also called tinctures or liquids), many believe that sublingual absorption—taking CBD oil under your tongue—is optimal. Simply drop the oil under your tongue, let it sit for at least 30 seconds, then swallow.

Additionally, our customers have found that taking CBD oil before a meal can enhance its benefits. One preliminary study found that taking CBD before a meal—in particular, one containing fats—can increase the absorption of cannabinoids by several multiples. 

Not asking questions.

CBD isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s common to have questions when you’re starting out.

Using the wrong product.

Not all CBD is the same. Quality varies highly from brand-to-brand, given that the industry is only partially regulated.

Here are some important things to verify when you’re purchasing CBD from a new company:

  • Are the ingredients clearly labeled?
    The best products have simple, natural ingredients that you can easily pronounce.

  • Is it certified organic?
    CBD is made from hemp. If the product is organic, it means that the CBD is free of potential contamination from chemical pesticides or herbicides.

  • Are there independent lab tests available?
    Third-party lab results will verify the CBD content of the product, and also ensure that it is free from impurities and contaminants.

  • How was the CBD made?
    There are different ways to make CBD oil from hemp. Some methods involve harmful solvents. For instance, some companies use ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to make CBD because it’s low-cost. Others use a cleaner but more costly solvent, CO2. Sunsoil CBD uses an infusion method, steeping hemp in coconut oil to make CBD that is minimally processed and naturally cost-efficient.

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