Our Journey to Create Access: 2019 Review

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2019 was an eventful year for Sunsoil. We changed our name, more than doubled our farmland, and added several new products to our line of organically farmed, naturally extracted CBD products. 

Early 2019: From Green Mountain CBD to Sunsoil and Cinnamon CBD Oil Launch

At the beginning of 2019, we changed our name from Green Mountain CBD to Sunsoil. Our new name is grounded in the importance of sun and soil – two critical components of creating high quality CBD products. Nothing changed other than our name, and we remain committed to the same goal we set out to achieve when starting Green Mountain CBD – creating affordable access to the best CBD products.

Sunsoil Cinnamon CBD Oil

We also launched our Cinnamon CBD Oil, a formula with 20 mg of CBD per 1 ml – double the strength of our other liquid CBD oils. With only 3 ingredients, this flavor was created as an option for those seeking a higher serving of CBD and is now one of our top items.

March 2019: Preparing for the Season & Industry Recognition

Vermont’s winter did little to slow our team down. In March, our agriculture team built new hoop houses at our farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. With 70 additional acres to farm this year, we needed the extra space to give our hemp seedlings a head start.

Building Hoop Houses at the Sunsoil Farm

In March, we were also recognized by New Hope Network (a leader in the natural products space) as a hemp CBD brand doing things differently.

April 2019: Softgels, Unflavored CBD Oil Drops & Planting

In April, we expanded our line of liquid CBD Oil drops again. Thanks to feedback from our customers, we released an unflavored version with 10mg of CBD per serving. This simple product has just two ingredients, is highly versatile, and has turned into a customer favorite.

Sunsoil CBD Softgels

We also launched CBD oil softgels. Each softgel is nearly half the size of an individual CBD oil capsule.

 Sunsoil Team Members Planting Hemp Seeds

April was also time to plant our hemp seedlings. We planted over 100,000 hemp seeds this year. Our new hoop houses gave us the space we needed for additional plants. With Vermont’s short growing season, greenhouses are a key part of our farming process, allowing our hemp plants to get a head start before going into the ground.

May 2019: Preparing our Fields
While our seedlings matured in warm greenhouses, our team worked to till our fields and prepare the land for planting. This year, we farmed double the land we farmed in 2018.

Tilling Hemp Fields at the Sunsoil Farm in 2019

June 2019: Planting and Certified Organic Processing

In early June, we transferred plants from our greenhouses to the ground. Our team at the farm carefully planted 100,000 hemp plants by hand and took the proper steps to irrigate and nurture them throughout their first few weeks in the field.

June was also the month in which we received our certification for being a USDA certified organic producer.

July 2019: 1% For the Planet Partnership

In late July, we announced our partnership with 1% for the Planet. By donating 1% of our annual sales to nonprofits that align with our core values, we’re supporting a greater good every day. As Vermont farmers, it’s important that we give back to the land that provides for us.

August 2019: A New Drying Barn

To prepare for our harvest, we finalized construction on a new drying barn specifically built for drying hemp. This new facility allows us to dry our hemp plants the moment they come from the fields, preventing mildew and mold. And by using only untreated wood, we take steps to prevent any unwanted contaminants from making their way into the finished product.

Sunsoil Hemp Drying Barn

September: In a Store Near You

In September, we announced our expansion into several major retailers, including The Vitamin Shoppe, Southeastern Grocers, Lucky’s Markets, Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets, and Earthfare. This expansion represents five times growth for us in store count this year alone, helping us create affordable access to our products.

October 2019: Harvest and Citrus CBD Oil Drops

As our USDA certified organic hemp plants reached upwards of eight feet tall and peak maturity, we began harvest in October. In just 30 days, our team of 200 Vermont farmers harvested 100,000 hemp plants.

Harvesting Hemp at the Sunsoil Farm

In October, we also launched another new flavor of liquid CBD Oil: Citrus. With organic sweet orange oil and a touch of cinnamon oil, we developed another CBD Oil flavor that works with the natural essence of our hemp – not against it. 

Sunsoil Cirtus CBD Oil

November 2019: Refill Events

We’re always trying to find new ways to make CBD more accessible. In October 2019, we tried something new by launching in-store refill events in New York and Vermont. In November, we added even more refill events to our schedule. We teamed up with select retailers to offer refills of our unflavored CBD at $.02/mg – the lowest price in the country. 

December 2019: Lipid Infusion

Our team will spend the winter months in our USDA certified organic extraction facility, extracting CBD from our hemp plants using our lipid Infusion method, then sending the complete oil out for testing and packaging.

Looking Ahead

In 2020, it’s all about access. It’s our team’s goal to keep producing high quality CBD and find new ways to get it to you accessibly and affordably. We’re looking forward to having you come along for the journey.

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