Why are your prices lower than other CBD brands?

We don't just focus on making the best possible CBD oil, we do it as efficiently as possible.

Unlike most companies, we do everything ourselves: we breed our seeds, we farm our hemp, and we make CBD oil on-site. Owning the full process allows us to monitor quality and save cost at every step.

Our unique, whole-plant infusion method of making CBD oil is also critical. It allows us to make a naturally rich CBD oil for a fraction of the cost. Infusion is naturally cost-efficient relative to methods that other CBD oil producers use (such as CO2 extraction).

Finally, simplicity is key. We focus on making a few great products, and doing it efficiently. Our mission is to make high-quality CBD oil that is affordable and accessible. We currently price our products at a flat rate of 5 cents per milligram of CBD, and plan to continually bring our prices down over time.