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Sunsoil CBD Products Delivered Automatically

You now have the option to receive automatic shipments of the Sunsoil products you use when you place your next order. Simply choose the subscription option as you shop, and you’ll be able to pick the ongoing timing that works best for you. You’ll receive an immediate order, and then receive ongoing orders thereafter.

Subscribers will save 20% off our retail price.

You easily can skip shipments or change the timing of your delivery.

There are no long-term commitments. You can cancel easily.

Subscription FAQ

See below for commonly asked questions about our subscription program, or click on the button to manage your subscription.

How do subscriptions work?

Customers have the ability to receive Sunsoil products on a regular basis through our subscription program. The subscription program is a way to receive the Sunsoil CBD products you use on an automatic basis. You can choose to receive automatic shipments at a 1, 2, 3, or 4 month time period. The items you order via subscription will ship to you on the same day of the month as your first order. For example, if you set up a subscription on the 4th at 2pm to occur every one (1) month, then you will receive a new order and shipping confirmation the 4th of every month. 

Subscription Billing

Customers will be notified of upcoming subscription orders three (3) days prior to the date the order is set to automatically re-order and ship. At this time, customers will receive a notification that their order will process and the credit card on file will be charged at the date and time of their subscription. 

Subscription Shipping

Those items ordered via subscription will repeat on the same day and time as your first order, at the interval each customer selects. Customers will receive a new shipping notification each time their order ships so they can track each individual shipment. Subscriptions can be changed or cancelled any time should you wish to discontinue your recurring order. 

Manage Your Subscription

To make updates to your subscription, change your timing or cancel your subscription, you can access your account on Sunsoil.com. If you've not created an account with Sunsoil before, you will need to create a new account. If you've previously logged in, you can use your existing credentials to access your account information. 

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We extract CBD from USDA certified organic hemp using organic coconut oil. The result is a whole-plant product with fewer ingredients.

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