We own our farm and oversee every step of the process from seed to shelf. Even though we have testing equipment on site, we send each batch of CBD oil out for testing at three third-party, ISO-accredited labs. As part of our commitment to transparency, we make sure that third-party test results for each new batch of our products are available right on our website for our customers to review before or after making a purchase.

Why Lab Testing Matters

Sunsoil only works with the best labs in the industry to ensure that the analytical reports we receive are accurate. Our lab results are thorough, meticulous, and very easy to read. Other companies may be producing CBD oil of acceptable quality, but since they aren't testing with multiple, reputable third-party labs, there's no real way to verify purity, overall quality, or consistency of their products.

Third-party lab testing allows us to examine the cannabinoid concentration, terpene profile, and to check for potential contaminants or impurities in a batch of CBD oil. For example, if a company uses low-grade source material, the chances of their oil testing too low in CBD and/or high in residual solvents, pesticides, mold, yeast or bacteria can be high.


Cannabis testing labs are not all operating under the same high-quality conditions, and they should not all be viewed as equals. Some CBD companies don’t realize that the labs they rely upon lack in experience and are not ISO-accredited, in which case the results simply cannot be trusted to be accurate. At Sunsoil, we only send our products to ISO-accredited labs for testing, which helps guarantee results that are accurate, trustworthy and acceptable as the final word on our lab-tested CBD oil.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. This group is an international standard-setting body that’s been setting worldwide industrial and commercial standards since the 1940s. The analytical laboratories we send our products to for testing have met all of the requirements for standardization and quality assurance set by ISO. Standards are set to ensure consistency, quality, safety, and efficacy in products such as CBD oil.

Every batch of CBD oil we manufacture is tested by three separate ISO-accredited labs to confirm potency and purity—it's a crucial part of our process that allows us to ensure consistency and safety between batches. Our CBD products are never packaged unless they meet our exceedingly high standard for quality.

We take pride in our products and the process we've developed to create the best CBD oil on the market today. We also know that just about any company can make the same claims, and it's not enough to say that our products are the benchmark for the industry. Our customers have a right to know what they are putting in their bodies and that’s why we lab test.