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Organic CBD, from
our farm to you.



Certified Organic

Our hemp and natural oils are USDA certified organic.


Made in Vermont

We do it all. We grow our hemp on our Green Mountain farms.


Naturally Extracted

No CO2. No ethanol. We heat and infuse hemp directly in coconut oil.


Softgels & Capsules

When we started Sunsoil in 2015 (our name was Green Mountain CBD then), companies just sold oils and tinctures. Our first product was a capsule. Today, softgels and capsules are our most popular products.
Each softgel contains 20mg of CBD. For people who take CBD several times a day, it's the easiest way to work Sunsoil into your routine.
In addition to our softgels, we also still make capsules. They're made with a vegan-friendly plant fiber. Our capsules are a little larger in size — something to keep in mind if you have trouble swallowing — but they contain the same organic CBD oil as our softgels.

Drops & Oils

Our foray into tinctures began with our Chocolate Mint flavor. Since then, we've carefully grown our product line. New flavors. Higher concentrations. But above all: a commitment to simple, high-quality ingredients.
Today, the warmth and light sweetness of our Cinnamon Drops make it our most popular flavor. (Our founder Alejandro says it's his favorite, too.) At 20mg of CBD per dropper, it's a good serving size for most of our customers.
For the purists, our Unflavored Drops contain just two ingredients. They pack the punch of our organic, homegrown hemp. We offer them in both 10mg and 20mg concentrations.
Natural and Organic
Simple Ingredients

On the back of every Sunsoil product, the label speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on our ingredients and our process – so we let them shine through. No additives. No unnecessary steps. Many Sunsoil products contain just two, organic ingredients: hemp and coconut oil.


(20 mg per serving)
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Proud Roots

When he was working in Colorado, Alejandro saw cannabis companies cutting corners just to profit. It didn't sit right. Ale moved to Vermont, reconnected with his old friend Jake, and the two of them started Sunsoil.



“I am so happy with Sunsoil that it is the only subscription I have! I trust their product, they ship so fast and they make CBD shopping such an easy experience.”

Catherine N.
Verified Customer.

"After lots of research and trying many different CBD products my number one choice is Sunsoil. The company provides excellent customer service. They aim to keep their customers loyal."

Kelley F.
Verified Customer.

The best way to Sunsoil.

Why choose? The best way to get started is to purchase smaller sizes of our two most popular products — softgels and cinnamon drops.