To the Sunsoil community:

For the month of November, we’re cutting our prices in half.
Why are we doing this?
Because CBD costs too much. People are priced out. The industry knows it but has no incentive to fix it. We've made it our mission to change that. At Sunsoil, we use our success to serve people, not profits. (Watch a short video about us here.)
Each year, we've made strides in our farming and manufacturing. We're on a clear path to cut price in half, and in half again—until eventually, Sunsoil costs no more than Advil or Tylenol.
To succeed at our mission, we also need to bring more customers to Sunsoil. Growth will allow us to operate even when we're charging less for every bottle. It will allow us to re-invest in our farm and facilities, which in turn will enable us to drop prices further.
While our prices are lower, it could be a great time to introduce a friend or family member to Sunsoil. By doing so, you’ll help us get closer to dropping our prices—not just for a month, but for good.
Sincerely yours,
Jacob and Alejandro
Co-Founders, Sunsoil