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Welcome to Sunsoil.

We make organic CBD oil at unbeatable prices. How do we do it? By focusing on quality, and keeping things simple.

We take quality seriously.

Certified Organic

Our hemp and natural oils are USDA certified organic.

Made in Vermont

We grow 100% of our hemp on our Green Mountain farms.

Naturally Extracted

We use heat, pressure, and coconut oil to extract CBD.

We take pride in our roots.

Farming in Vermont isn't easy. But it's never bothered us.

It's forced us to be better – to plant, grow, and harvest with care, resilience, and integrity.

We don't sell seltzer or gumdrops.

We sell organic CBD oil, made with a short list of simple ingredients.

CBD Softgels

Softgels are our most popular product. Each softgel contains 20mg of CBD, which makes it easy to take consistent servings. We also offer capsules that are vegetarian.

CBD Drops

Great alone – or as a complement to softgels – our CBD drops absorb under your tongue. They come in different flavors and in two concentrations: either 10mg or 20mg of CBD per serving.

Even our prices are simple.

Because we farm our hemp, it allows us to control quality, produce efficiently and pass on better prices to you.

Elephants get 30% off

We already offer amazing prices on our organic CBD.

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