Our 2018 Hemp Crop is USDA certified Organic which means the farming practices and processes we used to grow our hemp in 2018 meet the guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture for Organic farming of hemp. At Sunsoil, farming organically, and more importantly in ways that promote the long term health of the land are core to who we are. We look forward to working on receiving a USDA Organic certification for our 2019 hemp crop and once we do you will be able to view that certification here. Should you have any questions about our hemp crop being certified Organic by the USDA please reach out to us.

Note: The Organic certification for our 2018 hemp crop does not mean that our products themselves are USDA certified Organic. Although we are able to use the USDA Organic seal in the context of our 2018 hemp crop, we do not use the seal on our products because they have not been USDA certified Organic through OneCert or any other certifying organization.

2018 Hemp Crop USDA Organic Certificate