More Than Facts: Sunsoil’s Labels Highlight Our Commitment to Quality

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Labels can tell you a lot about both what’s inside your CBD product and the brand that makes it. What’s printed on a CBD oil product label can help you understand how that product’s hemp was grown and processed, what type of quality procedures the product goes through and the type of care that went into making it.  Sunsoil labels include information about how our plants were grown and processed, total CBD and CBD serving amounts, test results, as well as details on our certifications and overall mission. Here’s how to read our labels.

CBD per Serving

On the front of each of our labels there is a large bold number that highlights the milligrams per serving.

CBD Per Serving - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

For our CBD oil drops, one serving is equivalent to 1 ml of liquid – measured by the 1 ml marking on the dropper. So, one full dropper is one serving.  For our capsules and softgels, one serving is equal to one pill.

Sunsoil CBD Oil Metered Dropper for Precise Servings

CBD per Bottle

We list the total amount of CBD per bottle on the front of every label, just below the words “Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.” Our CBD oils contain either 600 or 1200 mg per bottle depending on potency, and our softgels and vegetarian capsule bottles contain 300 - 600 mg of CBD (for a 30-count bottle) or 1800 mg of CBD (for a 90-count bottle).

CBD Per Bottle - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

Across our line, all Sunsoil products are priced at 5¢ per milligram of CBD (and we’re always working to make our products more accessible and affordable).


Our products are made with just a few simple ingredients.

Ingredients in Sunsoil CBD - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

All Sunsoil CBD oil starts with our organically grown hemp and organic coconut or organic coconut-derived MCT oil. From there, we only add recognizable, easy-to-understand ingredients. You will never find additives or preservatives in any Sunsoil product.


Our CBD oils come in different flavors, which you can identify from a flavor callout on the front of the label, as well as a colored band around the bottom.

CBD Oil Flavor - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

Chocolate Mint has a green band, Cinnamon has a red band, Citrus has an orange band, and Unflavored has a beige band. All our CBD oil flavorings are made using natural ingredients like organic peppermint oil or organic sweet orange oil.

Supplement Facts Box

The supplement facts box tells you the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in each serving. This fact table also calls out how much organic hemp extract you’ll find in each serving.

Sunsoil CBD Oil Supplement Facts Box - How to Read Sunsoil CBD Labels

In this line item, “aerial parts” refers to the buds, leaves and tender stems of the hemp plants.

Suggested Use

On the back of every bottle, you’ll find a “Suggested Use” section.

Sunsoil CBD Suggested Use - How to Reach Sunsoil CBD Labels

This provides basic guidelines for using the product, but we always recommend consulting with your health care provider before starting any supplement routine, including a CBD oil routine.

Testing Transparency

We test all our CBD products multiple times during processing, and we provide information on each bottle that allows you to find lab test results quickly.

Sunsoil CBD Oil QR Code for Lab Results - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

If you have a QR code reader on your phone (hint: many smartphone cameras do this automatically), simply scan the QR code on your bottle to be directed to its lab results in a browser.

Sunsoil CBD Batch and Bottle Lot Number - How to Read Sunsoil CBD Labels

If you don't have a QR code reader, you can navigate to the lab results page on and either search for the batch or lot number, or click on the relevant product and look for the batch or lot number from your bottle. You can find the batch or lot number just to the right of the product barcode.

Organically Farmed Hemp

Our Vermont-based farm and processing facilities are certified organic by the USDA, and we use organic ingredients whenever possible. We have full organic certification for our CBD Oil Drops and CBD Coconut Oil and soon, you’ll find the USDA logo right on our bottles.

Organically Farmed, naturally extracted, lab tested CBD - How to Read Sunsoil CBD Labels

Naturally Extracted with Organic Coconut Oil or Organic MCT Oil (coconut-derived)

All Sunsoil products are made using the whole-plant infusion method, which uses heat and pressure to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytocompounds from our hemp plants, in their naturally occurring ratios. We never use alcohol, CO2 or harsh solvents.


We’re proud of our mission to create affordable access to the best CBD and we’re continuing to move the needle towards people over profits at every step. We call this out right on our bottles. 

Our Mission - How to Read a Sunsoil CBD Label

Still have questions?

We are here to help. Just reach out to our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you.


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