Whole-Plant Infusion for CBD: Why We Do It

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At Sunsoil, we are on a mission to create affordable access to the best CBD products. This mission guides every choice we make, from our organic farming methods to our simple, efficient whole-plant infusion process.

We use whole-plant infusion because its simplicity preserves the purity and integrity of our plants. Lipids are naturally occurring molecules that form a group of compounds (fatty acids) and are insoluble in water. Common substances like coconut oil and olive oil are considered lipids. Whole-plant infusion is a straightforward, toxin-free process that uses heat and pressure to capture the full spectrum of our USDA certified organic hemp plants and their cannabinoids, terpenes and additional phytocompounds.

Whole-plant infusion enables us to make high-quality, whole-plant hemp extract that is minimally processed and efficient – two qualities that help feed the core of Sunsoil’s mission.

Using the Whole Plant

Infusion is the best method for maintaining the integrity of the whole plant. Just as unprocessed whole foods have holistic nutritional benefits, whole hemp plants provide a similar value when compared to their isolated molecules. Hemp plants are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, naturally occurring phytocompounds that we aim to preserve in our extraction (infusion) process.

Sunsoil’s process preserves the plant’s full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in their natural ratios. Lipid infusion is an efficient and natural way to ensure that the full range of these naturally occurring compounds makes it into our finished products.

Whole-Plant Infusion vs. CO2 Extraction

CO2 is the most prevalently used process for extracting CBD, as the technology was already scaled for the marijuana industry. CO2 extraction is a multi-step process that uses compressed carbon dioxide to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp. Some CO2 processes break apart the plant’s different constituents, cannabinoids and terpenes, then reconstitute them. In most cases, this reconstituted extract is added to a lipid carrier oil.

Alternatively, at Sunsoil we use organic coconut oil  to do the infusion. Our dried organic hemp plants are soaked in organic coconut or MCT oil at the beginning of our infusion process, then heat and pressure are added to help extract all the plant’s compounds in their naturally occurring ratios. This creates a whole-plant coconut oil infusion that preserves the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes in a simple, raw, distilled form that’s easy for the human body to absorb.

Sunsoil does not use any harsh solvents or elaborate equipment, and the whole process takes place in a USDA-certified organic processing facility. The plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are never tampered with or altered, so the whole plant’s constituents are left intact.

Whole-Plant Infusion vs. Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is another method for producing hemp concentrates. With solvent extraction, chemicals such as ethanol, butane or propane are pressurized and run through the plant material to strip it of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. The resulting concentrate can then be infused into oil or be refined into an isolate powder.

Solvent extraction is generally more efficient and less expensive than CO2 extraction, but the chemicals used can potentially pull waxes from the plants and leave behind trace contaminants. Like CO2 extraction, it also requires substantial secondary processing to create a usable extract that’s ready to be formulated. At Sunsoil, we believe in simple, natural products. This is why you’ll find fewer ingredients on our ingredient panel and why we will never use harsh solvents to extract our CBD.

Why Sunsoil Uses Whole-Plant Infusion 

Whole-plant infusion uses organic fatty acids to absorb and encapsulate compounds, capturing and preserving the hemp plant’s qualities without requiring any alcohol, harsh solvents or CO2. Lipids such as coconut oil have also been shown to promote absorption of cannabinoids that are taken orally, significantly increasing bioavailability.

The single-step process of whole-plant infusion allows Sunsoil to create a full-spectrum, organic whole-plant extract that doesn’t require any additional manipulation to be instilled into a separate carrier oil. Instead, the essence of the entire plant is directly infused into the oil from the beginning.

Because infusion encompasses multiple stages (extraction from the plant, infusion to carrier oil, decarboxylation) at the same time, it creates a versatile, organic, two-ingredient product that’s immediately ready to formulate.

Sunsoil’s Process

From seed to shelf, Sunsoil’s process is simple, efficient and vertically integrated. From planting to extraction to formulation, we take a hands-on approach every step of the way.

Sunsoil’s process begins with breeding our own seeds and starting them in warmed greenhouses in the spring. Each seedling is then hand-planted in our organic, nutrient-rich Vermont soil. After 100 days of being tended in the field, each plant is harvested by hand at its peak ripeness and hung to dry in barns built with untreated wood (with heat and ample air flow).

Finally, the dried organic hemp is added to large pressure cookers along with a measured amount of organic coconut or MCT oil. Heat and pressure work together to infuse the plants’ cannabinoids and terpenes into the oil, thus creating our full-spectrum CBD Oil.

Sunsoil’s CBD oil is tested in its two-ingredient form and twice again after it’s mixed with ingredients like organic peppermint oil and formulated into our finished products.

The simplicity of this approach makes for a better product in every way – from quality to efficiency to price point.

As Nature Intended

Sunsoil is committed to using only the simplest and purest ingredients and processes to make our full-spectrum organic hemp extract. The sun, seeds and soil work as nature intended and then we use the cleanest, most efficient means possible to bring a high-quality product to our consumers.

At Sunsoil, we recognize cost can be a prohibitive barrier to people accessing whole-plant CBD oil. Infusion allows us to offer quality CBD products at one of the lowest prices per milligram among leading CBD manufacturers. This makes whole-plant infusion the natural choice for pursuing Sunsoil’s mission of doing the most good for the most people. Accessibility and quality are at the core of this mission. Whole-plant infusion enables Sunsoil to live up to both.

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